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    • How To Make Snow Cones in 5 Simple Steps

      Homemade snow cones are a tasty way to cool off on a hot summer day. Best part is, you don’t have to wait for the summer carnival to enjoy one. Whether you’re planning a party favorite or blending up a few to share with the kids, you already have everything you need to DIY do it yourself at home, including your favorite snow cone syrup flavor.

      What you’ll need:
      Blender or snow cone machine
      Snow cone paper cups
      Filtered water
      DaVinci Gourmet Flavor Syrups

      How to make snow cones:
      1. Fill your blender with enough ice to make the desired number of snow cones. We recommend at least seven to eight regular ice cubes per snow cone.
      2. Set your blender to the ice-crushing option if available. If not, regular blend will still work.
      3. As you blend, slowly add water to the mixture until you reach the desired consistency. It should be similar to packed snow.
      4. Spoon the mixture into a paper snowcone cup. You might try using a large spoon or ice cream scoop to get the perfect rounded top.
      5. Slowly pump your favorite DaVinci Gourmet Classic or Sugar Free flavor onto the ice mixture to taste. One or two pumps should do.

      Leaving the syrup until last will let everyone customize their treats with their favorite flavor. Here are a few flavor combinations to get your inner child daydreaming.
      Orange Classic and Vanilla Classic for an orange creamsicle delight.
      Cherry Classic and Cheesecake for—you guessed it—cherry cheesecake.
      Strawberry and Kiwi for a fruity summertime staple.

      With more than 70 Classic and 70 Sugar Free DaVinci flavors, the flavor possibilities for your homemade snow cones are endless. Now you’re ready to take on the summer heat and whip up a sweet or sugar-free treat the whole family will enjoy.

      Are you wondering how to make snow cone syrup? Choose from over 70 delicious syrup flavors from DaVinci Gourmet.